Round 8 – 1st Grade Recap

Round 8 – 1st Grade Recap


 1st Grade Women’s


Ainslie Tricolours Vs. Eastlake Demons, Alan Ray Oval

Ainslie: 0.0/1.0/1.1/1.3

Eastlake: 4.4/6.5/7.7/9.8


Ainslie: G. Clayden

Eastlake: V. King 4, K. Demant 3, J. Allan, C. Welsh

Best players:

Ainslie: M. Holloway, E. Hawke, S. Brown, D. Cecere, Z. Skyrianos, G. Clayden

Eastlake: C. Maher, S. Ajani, T. Hurst, C. Brown, K. Wheaton, T. Wilkinson-Shore

Eastlake Demons remain in third spot after beating Ainslie Tricolours 9.8.62 to 1.3.9. Ainslie finds themselves out of the top four, sitting in fifth place with only two more weeks before finals. Eastlake came out strong scoring 4.4 in the first quarter to lead 4.4.28 to 0.0.0. Ainslie scored one goal, which came from G. Clayden in the second quarter. After the first quarter, Eastlake slowed down only kicking two goals in the second quarter and one in the third quarter. Eastlake’s skill and talent was displayed through their defence, keeping Ainslie to a total of 9 points.

Demant is someone I highlighted to watch out for and she showed exactly why by kicking three goals for Eastlake. V. King was a surprise stand out for Eastlake kicking four goals to dominate the game.

Holloway, E. Hawke, S. Brown, D. Cecere, Z. Skyrianos and G. Clayden all played their part for Ainslie as key players. These players will need to stand up in the next two rounds to get back in the top four.


Belconnen Magpies Vs. Tuggeranong Valley, Adero law Nest

Belconnen: 5.4/13.5/15.8/21.11

Tuggeranong: 0.0/0.0/0.0/0.1


Belconnen: H. Wallett 7, S. Tutt 4, E. Zouch 3, M. Dwyer 2, H. Kemp , T. Reid, M. Gorham, K. Bailey, A. Abuoi

Tuggeranong: N/A

Best Players:

Belconnen: N. Mckay, M. Pellow, M. Gorham, A. Allen, H. Kemp , H. Wallett

Tuggeranong: K. Greenacre, S. O”Hehir, S. Davey, K. Primrose , S. Lawson, K. Donlan

Belconnen Magpies gets one step closer to the top spot after defeating Tuggeranong Valley 21.11.137 to 0.1.1. Tuggeranong Valley has been hit hard after this loss but still sits in fourth place. During the first quarter, Belconnen lead 5.4.34 to 0.0.0, but the real damage was done in the second quarter. Belconnen kicked 8 more goals to lead 13.5.83 to 0.0.0 at half time. With a lead this big and all the momentum, Belconnen was able to keep adding pressure kicking another 2 goals in the third and 6 goals in the last quarter to add a massive win next to their name.

Wallett has been a key forward for Belconnen all year, showing her talent kicking 7 goals for the game. This is going to build her confidence going into finals only two weeks away. S. Tutt also kicked 4 goals along with E. Zouch kicking 3 to play their part.

Although it was a tough loss for Tuggeranong there was some individual talent from K. Greenacre, S. O”Hehir, S. Davey, K. Primrose , S. Lawson, and K. Donlan who are key players to watch out for in the next two weeks.


Gungahlin Jets Vs. Queanbeyan Tigers, Gungahlin Enclosed Oval

Gungahlin: 0.0/0.0/0.0/0.0

Queanbeyan: 6.3/11.8/16.12/23.14


Gungahlin: N/A

Queanbeyan:  A. Hamilton 6, J. Stramandinoli 5, R. Grounds 4, T. Campbell 4, T. Evans, M. Czubara, A. Jakim, J. Hamilton

Best Players:

Gungahlin: A. Ryan, K. Dobing, S. Burton, A. Gouzvaris, A. Winefield , E. Needham

Queanbeyan: A. Jakim, A. Hamilton, J. Hamilton, T. Campbell, J. Stramandinoli, R. Grounds

The Gungahlin Jets were held to zero points once again after being beaten by undefeated Queanbeyan Tigers. The Tigers displayed talent and skill to prove why they’re undefeated with the final score being 23.14.152 to 0.0.0.

The Tigers have the best defence in the completion only conceding 43 points all year. The Tigers were equally strong in every quarter scoring five to seven goals each quarter.

Hamilton , J. Stramandinoli , R. Grounds, and T. Campbell were the key players for the Tigers as they lead the way by scoring the majority of goals. A. Hamilton scored 6 goals with J. Stramandinoli right behind her with 5 goals.

Although the Jets weren’t able to score key players moving forward are, A. Ryan, K. Dobing, S. Burton, A. Gouzvaris, A. Winefield, and E. Needham. These girls have the power to change the game at any moment, which is what the Jets need.


1ST Grade Men’s


Ainslie Tricolours Vs. Eastlake Demons, Alan Ray Oval

Ainslie: 2.3/4.7/7.9/11.14

Eastlake: 1.7/3.8/4.11/8.12


Ainslie: H. Armstrong 5, T. Powell 2, H. Delves 2, L. Carter, S. Camp

Eastlake: D. Andric 2, J. Dowse, L. Tutty, L. Flaherty, J. Askew, J. Roberts, A. Baker

Best Player:

Ainslie: M. Teasdale, L. Chisholm, R. Haupt, T. Faul, S. Camp, H. Delves

Eastlake: W.Clark, D. Andric, A. Smout, L. Tutty, B. Halse, N. Anderson

Ainslie Tricolours continue to solidify their spot in the top four after defeating Eastlake Demons 11.14.80 to 8.12.60. Ainslie has now won two in a row against quality teams, which will build their confidence moving into finals.

The first half was close with Ainslie only having a 5-point lead at half time, 4.7.31 to 3.8.26. The third and fourth quarter is when Ainslie took off and controlled the game, scoring three goals to one in the third and five to finish off the last quarter.

Armstrong was the difference for Ainslie as he kicked five goals to play his part in getting his team over the line. M. Teasdale, L. Chisholm, R. Haupt, T. Faul, S. Camp, and H. Delves all performed well to give Ainslie the energy to bring home the win.

W.Clark, D. Andric, A. Smout, L. Tutty, B. Halse, and N. Anderson were Eastlake’s best players with D. Andric leading the way with 2 goals.


Belconnen Magpies Vs. Tuggeranong Valley, Adero Law Nest

Belconnen: 5.3/9.8/14.12/18.15

Tuggeranong: 3.4/6.4/8.7/9.9


Belconnen: L. Mckay 4, T. Simpson 3, D. Jordan 3, M. Monaghan 3, A. Bennett 2, S. Glyde, A. Dess, J. Bennett

Tuggeranong:  J. McCabe 2, L. Shallies 2, J. Gardiner, H. Grintell, C. Kickett, M. Lovett, C. Ashcroft

Best Players:

Belconnen: M. Monaghan, J. Bennett, L. Mckay, D. Jordan, T. Simpson, T. Fekete

Tuggeranong: A. Paech, M. Lovett, A. Walker, J. Hedington, J. McCabe, L. Gray

Belconnen Magpies regained top spot on the AFL Canberra Men’s competition after defeating Tuggeranong Valley 18.15.123 to 9.9.63. Tuggeranong was able to score goals to keep themselves in the contest up to half time. Magpies lead 9.8.62 to 6.4.40 at half time but extended their lead in the third quarter as Tuggeranong slowly fell out of the game. Magpies scored 5 goals in the third quarter to lead 14.12.96 to 8.7.55 with one quarter to go, with the final result being 18.15.123 to 9.9.63.

This loss resulted in Tuggeranong falling one win behind Ainslie and the top four. With only two games left Tuggeranong will need to win both to stand a chance at playing finals football.

Mckay , T. Simpson, D. Jordan, and M. Monaghan lead the way down forward scoring the majority of the goals. L. Mckay had 4 while T. Simpson, D. Jordan, and M. Monaghan all had 3.

Tuggeranong displayed talent against the best team in the competition with A. Paech, M. Lovett, A. Walker, J. Hedington, J. McCabe, and L. Gray all having strong games.


Gungahlin Jets Vs. Queanbeyan Tigers, Gungahlin Enclosed Oval

Gungahlin: 0.1/1.4/1.4/4.6

Queanbeyan: 7.2/9.8/15.15/19.16


Gungahlin: M. Hambleton 3, J. Kemp

Queanbeyan: A. Swan 6, J. Bryce 3, R. Pollock 3, A. Page 2, J. Taylor 2, T. Clowry, S. Frost, H. Grant

Best Players:

Gungahlin: K. Flack, J. Clough, C. McKELVIE, M. McGrory, M. Hambleton, Z. Sheather

Queanbeyan: A. Page, J. Iudica, L. Greenwell, A. Swan, T. Clowry, R. Pollock

Gungahlin Jets lost their last home game against Queanbeyan Tigers, 4.6.30 to 19.16.130. Jets started slowly only scoring one behind in the first quarter while Tigers scored 7 goals to take a 7.2.44 to 0.1.1 lead at quarter time. Tigers controlled the game from the start, leading 9.8.62 to 1.4.10 at half time. Tigers then came out and kicked 6 goals to extend their lead, with the final score being 19.16.130 to 4.6.30.

Hambleton was best on the ground for the Jets, kicking 3 goals to inspire his team with a never give up attitude. K. Flack, J. Clough, C. McKelvie, M. McGrory, and Z. Sheather also having an impact on the game.

Swan was damaging against the Jets as he put 6 goals through for the Tigers. Bryce and R. Pollock were both able to score 3 to play their part down forward.