AFL Canberra Junior Awards

2019 ActewaAGL Junior Player of the Year – Sophia De Castella (Ainslie Tricolours) 

Prime Ministers Award

The club of the year is awarded to the club who has performed best in the following areas throughout “the season. Quality of administration, level of sportsmanship displayed by coaches, officials, spectators and players, support given to the league and its executive, adherence to the aims of junior football, recruiting and junior development programs and on-field performance.

Prime Minister’s Cup – Club of the Year
1983 Queanbeyan
1984 Belconnen North
1985 Manuka Weston
1986 Ainslie
1987 West Canberra
1988 Tuggeranong Lions
1989 Queanbeyan
1990 Marist
1991 West Canberra
1992 Tuggeranong Bulldogs
1993 Tuggeranong Lions
1994 St Edmunds
1995 Tuggeranong Lions
1996 Tuggeranong Lions
1997 Weston Creek
1998 Ainslie
1999 Queanbeyan
2000 Queanbeyan
2001 Tuggeranong Lions
2002 Eastlake
2003 Tuggeranong Lions
2004 Yass
2005 Ainslie
2006 Eastlake
2007 Goulburn
2008 Marist
2009 Gungahlin
Weston Creek
2010 Queanbeyan
2011 Gungahlin
2012 Marist
2013 Eastlake
2014 Marist
2015 Calwell
2016 Belconnen Cats and Tuggeranong Lions
2017 Tuggeranong Bulldogs
2018 Tuggeranong Bulldogs
2019 Weston Creek


Junior Player of the Year

Awarded to the individual with the highest amount of Best and Fairest votes in a single grade (across all Junior divisions).

Junior Player of the Year
Year Winner Club
2013 William Spencer Ainslie
2014 Bradley Hancock Tuggeranong Hawks
2015 Brad Rauter Queanbeyan
2016 Pat Hillan Eastlake Demons
2017 Joshua Green Marist
2018 Khiana Smith Ainslie
2019 Sophia de Castella Ainslie


Geoff Bartley Trophey

This trophy was first awarded in 1997 and is in honour of long standing Life Member Geoff Bartley and recognises his many years of outstanding service to junior football at both Club and Junior League levels.

Under 16’s – Best and Fairest
Year Winner Club
1997 Justin Wood Ainslie
1998 Liam Blumfield Tuggeranong Bulldogs
1999 James Lauchland Weston Creek
2000 Daniel Walker Tuggeranong Bulldogs
2001 Ben Maiden Tuggeranong Bulldogs
2002 Simon McInnes Queanbeyan
2003 Jac Richardson Tuggeranong Hawks / Queanbeyan
2004 Ryan Turnbull Belconnen Magpies
2005 Ben Kane Marist
2006 Stephen Coate Magpies
2007 Adam Curtois Belconnen
Under 16 (Division 1) – Best and Fairest
Year Winner Club
2008 Daniel Campbell Marist
Robert Treloar Queanbeyan
2009 Kyle King Queanbeyan
2010 Stephen Camp St Edmunds Tigers
2011 Conor Dwyer Ainslie
2012 Thomas Faul Ainslie
Under 17’s – Best and Fairest
Year Winner Club
2013 Isaac Hare Eastlake
2014 Jack Carroll-Tape Queanbeyan
2015 Connor Marsh Queanbeyan
2016 Nicholas McEwen Gungahlin Jets
2017 Tom Scrivener Tuggeranong Hawks
2018 Thomas Simpson Magpies
2019 Rex Donald Eastlake
Thomas Simpson Belconnen
Addison Vincent Belconnen


Geoff Smith Trophy 

This trophy was first awarded in 1978, the first year in which the ACTJAFL conducted a Division 2 competition for Under 17’s. Originally known as an ACTJAFL Trophy, it was re-named in 1984 after a former long-standing Presidetn and Life Member, the late after a former long-standing President and Life Member, the late Mr Geoff Smith.

The Geoff Smith Trophy
Under 17’s (Division 2) – Best and Fairest
Year Winner Club
1979 Adam Garton West Canberra
1980 George Karapanagos West Canberra
Tony Wynd Queanbeyan
Bill Boneff Queanbeyan
Ricky Horwood Woden Manuka
1981 Brendan Couch Tuggeranong
Stuart Dunbar West Canberra
1982 Paul De Jong Weston Creek
1983 Andrew Fisher Eastlake
1984 Chris Jensen Tuggeranong
1985 Peter Gilchrist Queanbeyan
Andrew Lienert Manuka Weston
1986 Roger Kenworthy Queanbeyan
1987 Simon Black Tuggeranong
1988 James Watson Radford
1989 Craig Clarke Belconnen
2019 Marcus Ungar Eastlake


Peter McGregor Trophy

The original trophy for this age group was known as the Blackburn Memorial Trophy which was presented by the AFL Umpire Association in 1958. It became an ACTAFJL Trophy in 1965 after the VFL Umpires withdrew the Blackburn Trophy as they felt the standard of ACT Junior Football had progressed beyond the development stage. The Trophy is now renamed for longstanding Life Member and Junior League Administrator, Peter McGregor.

Under 15’s – Best and Fairest
Year Winner Club
1936 Colin Manders Eastlake
1937 Curtis Moore Ainslie
1938 G. Sherd Queanbeyan
1939 Keith Harding St Johns
1940 Ian Ray Ainslie
E. Bull Eastlake
1941 E. Morcombe Eastlake
G. Clark Eastlake
1958 James Hourigan Ainslie
1959 Ken Roberts Eastlake
1960 Arthur McGuffin Eastlake
1961 Marion Borowski Queanbeyan
1962 Chris Heaney Turner
1963 Peter Culnane Turner
1964 Phillip Hawke Queanbeyan
1965 Ray Byrne Manuka
1966 Ray Byrne Manuka
1967 Michael Charlton Queanbeyan
1968 Jim Black Queanbeyan
1969 Eric Syne Queanbeyan
1970 Steve Walding Belconnnen
1971 David McCaulay Queanbeyan
1972 Stan Widera Belconnen
1973 Jim Moore Eastlake
1974 John Van Meurs St Edmunds
1975 Chris Althaus Belconnen
1976 Rod Cowie Ainslie
1977 John Harper Daramalan
1978 Donald Mackay Ainslie
1979 Brendan Kane St Edmunds
1980 Phillip O’Brien West Canberra
1981 Andrew McKay Weston Creek
1982 Rogan Sharp Belconnen
1983 Danny Fulton Marist
1984 Gary Laing Weston Creek
1985 Tim Wynd Queanbeyan
1986 Andrew Hackwill Manuka Weston
1987 Graham Wise West Canberra
1988 Robert Arranz Radford
Ben Aulich Belconnen
Marcus Sherridan Manuka Weston
1989 Robbie Neill St Edmunds
1990* Michael Carroll St Edmunds
1991 Ricci Miller Tuggeranong Lions
1992 Paul Gambale Ainslie
1993 Luke McCormick Ainslie
1994* Corey Tucker Tuggeranong Lions
1995* Tony Wolski Tuggeranong Bulldogs
1996 Justin Wood Ainslie
1997 Omar Bouhafs Eastlake
1998 Not Awarded
1999 Daniel Walker Tuggeranong Bulldogs
2000 Chai Isarabhakdi Ainslie
2001 Jean-Paul Jory St Edmunds
2002 Leighton Phipps Marist
2003 Ryan Turnbull Belconnen Magpies
2004 James McCabe Tuggeranong Bulldogs
2005 Tyler Stevens St Edmunds
2006 Evan Brodie-Reed Belconnen Cats
* U16 Competition
Under 16 (Division 2) – Best and Fairest
Year Winner Club
1990 Brett O’Malley Queanbeyan
2007 Michael Moore Tuggeranong Bulldogs
2008 Tom Sutton Gungahlin
2009 Tom Sutton Gungahlin
2010 Samuel Bowden St Edmunds
2011 Brad Burns Marist
2013 Ben Fitzgerald Weston Creek
Under 15’s – Best and Fairest
Year Winner Club
2013 Liam Nelson Queanbeyan
2014 Hayden Raftery Ainslie
Christian Palombi Queanbeyan
Reed Stevens St Edmunds
2015 William Spencer Ainslie
2016 Bradley Hancock Tuggeranong Hawks
2017 Joshua Green Marist
2018 Andrew Greig Tuggeranong Lions
Joshua Fahey Queanbeyan Tigers
2019 Lachlan Fitzpatrick Queanbeyan


Geoff Smith Trophy

This trophy was first awarded in 1994 in recognition of the late Geoff Smith a former coach of Junior Teams from 1961 to 1962, Secretary, Vice President and President of the Junior League between 1965 and 1981 and Life Member of the Junior League.

Under 14’s – Best and Fairest
Year Winner Club
1994 Ross Dennis Belconnen
1995 Ben Phibbs Tuggeranong Bulldogs
1996 Omar Bouhafs Eastlake
1997 Peter Johnson Marist
1998 Luke Whatman Tuggeranong Lions
1999 Scott Faulkner Ainslie
2000 Adam Leechman Marist
2001 Leighton Phipps Marist
2002 Nick Paine Ainslie
2003 Aaron Bruce St Edmunds
2004 Tyler Stevens St Edmunds
2005 Jacob Millynn Ainslie / Gungahlin
2006 Kaine Stevens St Edmunds
2007 Brent Ford Ainslie
2008 Sam Jensen Queanbeyan
2009 Shae Darcy Marist
2010 Liam Griffiths Ainslie
2011 Harry Brill Tuggeranong Hawks
2012 Haydn Richardson Ainslie
2013 Alex Hill Eastlake
2014 Nicholas Thomas Ainslie
2015 Matthew McGrory Gungahlin
Connor San Juan Ainslie
2016 Pat Hillan Eastlake Demons
2017 Andrew Greig Tuggeranong Lions
2018 Ned Korsten Eastlake Demons
2019 Marcus Ungar Eastlake Demons

Joe Flaherty Trophy

This trophy was first awarded in 1994 in recognition of Joe Flaherty a former coach and manager of Junior Club Teams and Representative Teams. He was a Foundation Member, Coach, Manager, Vice-President and President and Delegate to the Junior League whilst a member of  the Yarralumla / Manuka (late Manuka Woden Club) Football Club.

Under 13’s – Best and Fairest
Year Winner Club
1994 Ben Phibbs Tuggeranong Bulldogs
1995 Ryan Power Tuggeranong Lions
1996 Peter Johnson Marist
1997 Luke Whatman Tuggeranong Lions
Liam Cullen Tuggeranong Bulldogs
1998 Justin Searle Tuggeranong Bulldogs
1999 Adam Leechman Marist
2000 Mihael Stakelum Belconnen
2001 Nicolas Paine Ainslie
2002 Jeremy Lever Eastlake
2003 Jeffrey James Ainslie
2005 Peter Schroder Ainslie
2006 David Coward Eastlake
Under 14’s (Division 2) – Best and Fairest
Year Winner Club
2007 Sam Kobal Marist
2008 Blake Gambale Ainslie
2009 Bill Reid Goulburn
2010 Ben Fitzgerald Weston Creek
2011 Claude Edwards Magpies
Jack Mayberry Tuggeranong Hawks
2012 Alex Hill (Pool A) Eastlake
William Clarke (Pool B) Marist
Under 13’s – Best and Fairest
Year Winner Club
2013 William Spencer Ainslie
2014 Bradley Hancock Tuggeranong Hawks
2015 Thomas Simpson Magpies
2016 Brad Rauter Queanbeyan Tigers
2017 Jack Boxshall Eastlake Demons
Felix Henderson-Burch Marist
2018 Marcus Unger Eastlake
2019 Riley Hamilton Ainslie


Ian Bayles Trophy 

This trophy was first awarded in 1995 in recognition of Ian Bayles, as a Life Member and as Junior League Administrator for a period of eight years.

Under 12’s – Best and Fairest
1941 N. Cleary Ainslie
1995 Cameron Beasland Weston Creek
1996 Clarrie Dryden Belconnen
Scott Dickinson Tuggeranong Bulldogs
1997 Chris Cates Weston Creek
1998 Adam Sangston Tuggeranong Bulldogs
1999 Adam Sangston Tuggeranong Bulldogs
2000 Simon McNally Queanbeyan
2001 Steven Kent Ainslie
Tristan Kourtis Eastlake
2002 Jack Mason Marist
Phil Davis Marist
William Grigg Queanbeyan
2003 Troy Eldridge Tuggeranong Bulldogs
2004 Peter Clarke Tuggeranong
Kaine Stevens Queanbeyan
2005 Ben Symons Tuggeranong Lions
Luke Allen Gungahlin
2006 Lachlan Carter Ainslie
2007 Blake Renet Tuggeranong Lions
2008 Sam Fisher Eastlake
2009 Nickalas Craze Queanbeyan
Thomas Garraway Eastlake
Under 12’s (Division 1) – Best and Fairest Under 12’s (Division 2) – Best and Fairest
2010 Brandon Bardsley Weston Creek 2010 Joseph Rankins Calwell Swans
Keiren Whyte Gungahlin Jets
2011 Guy Richardson Ainslie 2011 Jack Powell Magpies
2012 Guy Richardson Ainslie 2012 Harper Paniora Weston Creek
2013 Bradley Hancock Calwell Swans
2014 Maximus Monaghan Magpies
2015 Brad Rauter Queanbeyan
2016 Felix Henderson-Burch Marist
2017 Leo Lahey Tuggeranong Bulldogs
2018 Ty Quade Queanbeyan
2019 James Eppulsten Queanbeyan Alexander Churches Belconnen Magpies


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