The Mulrooney Medal

The Mulrooney Medal was first awarded in 1936 for the male player voted the best and fairest in the Canberra’s First Grade Competition. From 2011 – 2013 the medal was awarded to the best and fairest player in the Eastern Conference of the North East Australian Football League.The Mulrooney Medal was named in honour of past president and life member John L. Mulrooney, for recognition of his valued service to Australian Football in Canberra.







2020 A. Baker Eastlake Demons
2019 B. Walker Belconnen Magpies
2018 K. Evans Queanbeyan Tigers
2017 B. Walker Belconnen Magpies
2016 J. Bennett Belconnen
2015 I. Taylor Belconnen
2012 S. Harris Belconnen
2011  J. Moore Sydney Swans Reserves
2011 D. Currie Sydney Swans Reserves
2010 M. Daniher Queanbeyan
2009 C.Gibson Eastlake
2009 C. Healey Tuggeranong
2008 M. Daniher Queanbeyan
2007 R. Lewis Ainslie
2006 J. Moore Sydney Swans Reserves
2005 D. Spriggs Sydney Swans Reserves
2004 J. IIett Belconnen
2003 N. McDonald Wagga Tigers
2003 S. Hazelman Belconnen
2001 D. Jaques Wagga Tigers
2000 S. Mahar Belconnen
1999 G. Cannon Eastlake
1998 S. Clarke Belconnen
1997 S. Cooper Tuggeranong
1996 S. Vizy Queanbeyan
1995 S Wilson Eastlake
1994 S. Wilson Southern Districts
1993 M. Kennedy Queanbeyan
1992 J. Garnaut Southern Districts
1991 M. Sheridan Weston Creek
1990 S. Cornish Queanbeyan
1990 A. Mills Manuka Weston
1990 M. Swan Manuka Weston
1990 A .Wynd Queanbeyan
1990 B. Smith Belconnen
1989 A. Wynd Queanbeyan
1988 A. Wynd Queanbeyan
1987 S. Fitzsimmons Manuka Weston
1986 P. Hamilton Ainslie
1985 S. Overland Eastlake
1984 G. Hocking Belconnen
1983 A. Wynd Queanbeyan
1982 G. Nichols Ainslie
1981 K. Miller Eastlake
1980 J. Miller Ainslie
1979 K. Miller Eastlake
1978 G. Eaves West Canberra
1977 E. Blackaby Manuka
1976 M. Demaine West Canberra
1976 P. MacDonald Eastlake
1976 E. Blackaby Manuka
1975 R. White Belconnen
1974 P. Phillipou Eastlake
1973 R. Rendall Ainslie
1972 R. Wilson ANU
1971 W. Vaughn Manuka
1970 W. Whittakers ANU
1969 R. de Goldi Acton
1965 P. Feltham Eastlake
1964 K. Mitchell Turner
1963 R. Shearer Eastlake
1962 M. Codd Manuka
1961 C. Monger Acton
1960 J. Wilson Acton
1959 B. Griffith Acton
1958 J. Moody RMC
1957 J. Moody RMC
1956 B. Browning Ainslie
1955 B, Browning Ainslie
1954 R. Watterston Queanbeyan/ Acton
1953 R. Watterston Queanbeyan/ Acton
1952 J Gleeson Turner
1951 B. McCanbe Ainslie
1951 E. Hurtig Eastlake
1950 B. Caine Ainslie
1950 P. Eagles Manuka
1950 K. Schow Queanbeyan
1949 J. Brophy Manuka
1948 H.Maddigan Turner
1947 M. Lee Acton
1946 A. Stevens Ainslie
1945 F. Green Navy
1942-1944 Recess due to War
1941 J. Furniss RAFF
1940 R. Bloomfield Ainslie
1939 A. Ware Manuka
1938 M. Strang Queanbeyan
1938 J. Dorman Manuka
1938 T. Kelly Queanbeyan
1937 P. Barrett Manuka
1936 R.Roe Acton
1936 R. Seton Ainslie


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