Canberra squads to take it to Sydney

Next weekend on Saturday, 18 May the best women and men from AFL Canberra will face off against those from AFL Sydney.

The leagues will meet for the first time since 2016, and with only a handful of players involved in that match on the 2024 roster, bragging rights are ripe for the taking as a new generation rivalry is born. 

The matches take place on Manuka Oval which, along with AFL Canberra, celebrates 100 years in 2024.  

AFL Canberra vs AFL Sydney 

Date: Saturday, 18 May 
Venue: Manuka Oval, Canberra | Ngunnawal 
Smoking ceremony and Welcome to Country: 1:45pm 
Match times: Women’s 12:00pm, Men’s at 2:00pm 
Streaming: Live on Streamer  
Entry: $15 for adults, $5 for concession. Under 12s free. Sales via Eventbrite – more information next week. 

Women’s Squad

Head Coach: Britt Tully 

Assistant: Leo Lahey

Assistant: Stafford Cooper

Assistant: Kasie Nugent

Assistant: Julian Clarkson

Team Manager: Joan Vosnakes

Danielle Peel Ainslie 
Katie Williams Ainslie 
Maddie Kelly Eastlake 
Amber Allen Belconnen 
Shae Krushka Belconnen 
Maddie Dwyer Belconnen 
Montana Dove Queanbeyan 
Claire Martin Gungahlin 
Emily Vosnakes Queanbeyan 
Kathleen Johnson Eastlake 
Neve James Eastlake 
Mia Jones Queanbeyan 
Mikki Garrett Tuggeranong 
Nikki Harvey Tuggeranong 
Maddie lustri Queanbeyan 
Zoe Skyrianos Ainslie 
Greta Larkey Ainslie 
Kate thornton Eastlake 
Amy Frost Queanbeyan 
Anita Manning Queanbeyan 
Sammy Rubino Gungahlin 
Kate greenacre Eastlake 
Ashley Patton Tuggeranong 
Shannon Brown Ainslie 
Adol Abuoi Belconnen 
Jayda Barnett Queanbeyan 
Maggie Robinson Queanbeyan 
Chloe Hinde Tuggeranong 
Lily Buchanan Belconnen 
Laura Kearney Eastlake 
Ryeli Flemming Eastlake 
Liv Fogarty Ainslie 
Chantel Jones Ainslie 
Charli Canavan Ainslie 
Sophia de Castella Ainslie 
Karina demant Ainslie 
Maddie Bailey Belconnen 
Jorja Simpson Belconnen 
Ellen Squire Queanbeyan 
Emma Dunn Queanbeyan 
Kiarna Woolley- Blain Tuggeranong 
Lucy McKelvie Hill Tuggeranong 
Men’s Squad

Head Coach: Kade Klemke

Assistant: Dave Evans

Assistant: Mark Armstrong

Assistant: Jordan Doering

Assistant: Peter McGrath

Team Manager: Steve Wightman

Josh Maynard  Ainslie 
Matthew Teasdale Ainslie 
Matthew McGrory Ainslie 
Thomas Muir Ainslie 
Thomas Tyquin Ainslie 
Luke Crocker Ainslie 
Callum Klep Ainslie 
Thomas Faul  Ainslie 
Thomas Simpson Belconnen 
Luke Wharton Belconnen 
Sam Cooper Belconnen 
Ryan Turnbull Belconnen 
Billy Clark Eastlake 
Angus Baker Eastlake 
Alex Smout Eastlake 
Nick Kelly Eastlake 
Will McTaggart Eastlake 
Thomas Robertson Eastlake 
Angus Jones Eastlake 
Luke Morfoot Gungahlin 
Andrew Swan Queanbeyan 
Anthony Lo Pilato Queanbeyan 
Alex Page Queanbeyan 
Alessandro Sergi Queanbeyan 
Rhys Pollock Queanbeyan 
Isaac Edgar Queanbeyan 
Aidan Bowyer Queanbeyan 
Jack Nunn Queanbeyan 
Tyler Collins Queanbeyan 
Joe Carroll Tuggeranong