Molonglo to Host ANU for Annual Pride Round Fixture

Scheduled to take place this Saturday May 14th, the Molonglo Juggernauts will play host to the ANU Griffins at EPC Solar Park in their yearly Pride round fixture.

The Molonglo Juggernauts were the first club in the ACT to celebrate Pride, with the introduction of the Pride game in 2019 against ANU. This fixture now a mainstay in the AFL Canberra calendar as both teams continue to stay committed to make footy a sport for all.

Molonglo President Colin Blunden spoke about the club values and the importance of celebrating this Pride round fixture.

“As a club we want to show our belief that is it important for people to be proud of who they are and to be in an environment where there is no fear of judgement.

“Part of what our beliefs are as a football club is to provide a safe environment for anybody… football is everyone’s game.”

ANU President Ines Beerens also spoke about the emphasis on inclusivity ahead of the encounter.

“For everyone in the AFL to get around it (Pride round) is a beautiful thing… we want to be all inclusive, Pride is so important for this sport, and it should be supported by everyone.

“Everyone is welcome to come and play footy and be themselves… doing something that they enjoy around people that support them is really important.

“To be able to be involved in an initiative like this to show that the Griffins do welcome everyone… we are really happy to be a part of it.”

Showcasing their support in style, the Griffins three teams will be wearing their first Pride inspired guernsey design, and the Juggernauts sporting rainbow-coloured socks.

Join both clubs from 9:30 am at EPC Solar Park as they celebrate footy for everyone.

Written By: Robbie Stewart