Round 9 – 1st Grade Recap

Photo courtesy of Eastlake FC

Round 9 – 1st Grade Recap

UNSW Canberra 1st Grade Womens


Eastlake Demons Vs. Gungahlin Jets, Football Park

Eastlake: 9.1/16.7/27.7/35.8

Gungahlin: 0.0/0.0/0.0/0.0


Eastlake: K. Demant 15, V. King 7, M. McLaughlin 4, K. Johnson 3, C. Welsh 2, A. Schoo, T. Wilkinson-Shore, D. Distefano, C. Brown

Gungahlin: N/A

Best Players:

Eastlake: K. Demant , C. Brown, T. Wilkinson-Shore, A. Schoo, S. Ajani, J. Allan

Gungahlin: K. Dobing, S. Rubino, E. Needham, T. Singh, J. Telfer, C. Langlands

Eastlake Demons move into second place after a massive 35.8.218 to 0.0.0 win over Gungahlin Jets. Eastlake was accurate on goal during the entire game but came out strong in the first quarter kicking 9.1. Their biggest quarter was the third quarter when Eastlake kicked 11 goals straight to lead 27.7.169 going into the final quarter.

Demant yet again had a huge impact on the game kicking 15 goals to show her talent and skill one week before finals. V. King also grabbed 7 goals herself to play her part down forward. Eastlake will use this game as momentum moving forward into finals to take down the top teams.

Even though Gungahlin couldn’t score K. Dobing, S. Rubino, E. Needham, T. Singh, J. Telfer, and C. Langlands were there best players, never giving up until that last siren.


Belconnen Magpies Vs. Queanbeyan Tigers, Adero Law Nest

Belconnen: 0.0/0.0/1.2/1.2

Queanbeyan: 3.2/9.3/11.6/12.8


Belconnen: E. Pease

Queanbeyan: J. Stramandinoli 4, A. Hamilton 3, T. Campbell 2, E. Squire, R. Grounds, T. Evans

Best Players:

Belconnen: N. Mckay, A. Allen, H. Wallett, M. Dwyer, E. Pease, J. Spence

Queanbeyan: E. Ashley-Cooper, T. Evans, K. Reid, E. Ross, A. Jakim, T. Campbell

Queanbeyan Tigers remain undefeated after beating Belconnen Magpies 12.8.80 to 1.2.8. Magpies drop down to third place on the ladder with only one week left before finals begin.

Tigers were able to hold the Magpies scoreless until the third quarter when they score their first and only goal. Tigers lead 9.3.57 to 0.0.0 at half time, giving them a lead that Magpie’s couldn’t chase down. Tigers were slowed down in the second half kicking two goals in the third and only one goal in the last quarter, however, the damage was already done.

Stramandinoli and A. Hamilton performed well, showcasing their talent leading into finals with J. Stramandinoli kicking four goals and A. Hamilton with three goals.

Mckay, A. Allen, H. Wallett, M. Dwyer, E. Pease, and J. Spence all stood up for Magpies with strong performances, however it wasn’t enough to come home with the win.


Ainslie Tricolours Vs. Tuggeranong Valley, Alan Ray Oval

Ainslie: 4.6/6.8/8.11/12.13

Tuggeranong: 0.0/0.1/0.1/0.1


Ainslie: G. Clayden 3, H. Solly 2, C. Taylor 2, O. Seymour, G. Jaques, D. Curcio, E. Bishop, K. Smith

Tuggeranong: N/A

Best Players:

Ainslie: K. Smith, A. Flynn, G. Jaques, D. Curcio, M. Holloway, G. Clayden

Tuggeranong: K. Greenacre, E. Blowes, S. O”Hehir, S. Davey, E. Croft-Sharp, K. Primrose

Ainslie Tricolours regained their spot back in the top four after defeating Tuggeranong Valley with only one week before finals. Ainslie dominated the game-winning, 12.13.85 to 0.1.1, keeping Tuggeranong goalless. Ainslie started fast having ten scoring shots in the first quarter to lead 4.6 to 0.0 at the first break. Ainslie was able to score two goals in the second and third quarters and finish with four goals in the last quarter.

Clayden stood up once again scoring three goals to control the game. Right behind her with two goals was H. Solly who is improving each week.

Greenacre and E. Blowes performed the best for Tuggeranong and continue to develop as senior players during each game.


1ST Grade Men’s


Eastlake Demons Vs. Gungahlin Jets, Football Park

Eastlake: 3.6/7.7/11.11/16.18

Gungahlin: 0.1/1.2/2.3/2.3


Eastlake: A. Baker 5, J. Elwin 3, A. Bruce 2, D. Andric, A. Smout, J. Hancock, M. McCormack , J. Kerin, M. Peterson

Gungahlin: J. Wilesmith, Z. Sheather

Best Players:

Eastlake: A. Smout, N. Anderson, J. Elwin, D. Andric, C. O”Rourke, B. Halse

Gungahlin: J. Nunn, Z. Sheather, A. Datson, R. Noor, J. Clough, M. Hambleton

Eastlake Demons sit in second place after defeating Gungahlin Jets 16.18.114 to 2.3.15. Eastlake was able to hold the Jets goalless in the first quarter while they got a 3.6 to 0.1 lead at the first break. Eastlake continued to control the game kicking four more goals before half time. After the break, the Jets were able to score their second goal but it wasn’t enough to inspire a comeback as Eastlake played high-quality football each quarter. To finish the game Eastlake kicked nine goals, four in the third quarter and five in the last quarter.

Baker scored five goals, again playing a huge role for the Demons to get the win. A. Smout also performed well as he does each week giving his team confidence moving forward into the finals.

Nunn, J. Clough, M. Hambleton were the Jets best players as they are most weeks. R. Noor performed at a 1st Grade level after being called up from the rising stars to show his talent.


Belconnen Magpies Vs. Queanbeyan Tigers, Adero Law Nest

Belconnen: 1.1/2.1/5.2/6.3

Queanbeyan: 7.1/9.5/13.13/15.19


Belconnen: A. Dess 2, B. Egan, J. Bennett, M. Maguire, L. Haddrill

Queanbeyan: J. Bryce 5, T. Clowry 3, R. Pollock 3, T. Conroy, L. Highfield, M. Bernasconi, S. Frost

Best Players:

Belconnen: J. Bennett, J. Buchanan, B. Hoffmann, M. Monaghan, L. Haddrill, A. Dess

Queanbeyan: L. Highfield, J. Bryce, K. Evans, J. Iudica, K. Klemke, M. Vardanega

Queanbeyan Tigers gain the top spot on the AFL Canberra Men’s competition with only one week before finals. The Tigers defeated Belconnen Magpies 15.19.109 to 6.3.39 to take control on this competition.

The Tigers started fast kicking 7.1 to Magpies 1.1 to take a six-goal lead at quarter time. The Magpies were able to slow Queanbeyan in the second quarter only allowing two goals, however, it wasn’t enough as the Tigers had to big of a lead.

Bryce was damaging towards the Magpies as he kicked five goals for the Tigers to show his strength down forward. T. Clowry and R. Pollock both kicked three goals for Tigers to play their role, putting points on the scoreboard.

Bennett, J. Buchanan, and B. Hoffmann all played impressively and never gave up for the Magpies and will take this energy into next week to finish on a high before finals.


Ainslie Tricolours Vs. Tuggeranong Valley, Alan Ray Oval

Ainslie: 6.3/11.9/15.12/22.18

Tuggeranong: 1.1/2.1/3.4/3.4


Ainslie: J. Doering 13, H. Delves 4, J. Powell 2, H. Armstrong 2, T. Faul

Tuggeranong: L. Shallies, H. Grintell, J. McCabe

Best Players:

Ainslie: J. Doering, D. Ledda, T. Powell, M. Ackland, M. Richardson, N. Foley

Tuggeranong: T. Scrivener, H. Grintell, A. Paech, B. Symons, J. Dunn, J. McCabe

 In a crucial game to determine fourth place on the ladder and play finals football Ainslie Tricolours came out on top against Tuggeranong Valley. Ainslie won 22.18.150 to 3.4.22 with the help of J. Doering kicking 13 goals for Ainslie. At the first break, Ainslie lead 6.3.39 to 1.17, however Ainslie’s best quarter was the fourth quarter when they kicked seven goals to finish a dominant performance.

Doering was unstoppable as he crushed Tuggeranong’s dream and chances to play finals football kicking more than half the goals for Ainslie. H. Delves was also dangerous forward kicking 4 with J. Powell and H. Armstrong both kicking 2.

The three goals for Tuggeranong came from L. Shallies, H. Grintell, and J. McCabe. With their best players being T. Scrivener, H. Grintell, A. Paech, B. Symons, J. Dunn, and J. McCabe. These players are still growing and with more experience and knowledge will be players to watch out for in the coming years.