A Game to Honour the ANZAC Legend, ADFA Rams Commemorate Those Who Served in Inaugural ANZAC Derby

Last Saturday, commencing at 9am with a short ANZAC ceremonial proceeding and, sporting a custom ANZAC inspired guernsey, the ADFA Rams cohort of teams went head-to-head with the ANU Griffins at Manuka Oval, to commemorate all those who served Australia and New Zealand, in what was the inaugural ANZAC round encounter between the two clubs.

Rams President Isobel Tulevski spoke about the importance of this fixture for ADFA.

“As young junior officers moving through the Academy, we will one day be put in a position of authority and command. It’s paramount to our success in the military that we remember and commemorate the ANZACs, as the values demonstrated by the soldiers in the wars are still very current and applicable to us as the future leaders of today.

“We knew that we had to create something to pay our respects and honour the ANZAC legend. Hence, the ANZAC derby round was established and it’s a round we intend for the club to continue through to the future.”

Isobel continued to explain the connection between the Australian military and sport and, the significance to share the ANZAC derby with ANU.

“The key values demonstrated by the ANZACs; mateship, fearlessness, spirit and devotion are found within sports players… the best way to honour the ANZACs is through how hard and fair we can play a good game of footy in their name.

“The tenacity, spirit, and competition they (ANU) bring to each game we play against them is unmatched by any other club in the region. This is the type of opposition we want to play in memory of the ANZACs, as they challenge us to play the best sport and be the best sportsmen and women that we can be.”

On a day more about remembrance than winning, ANU was able to get the best of ADFA in both the Women’s Second Grade and Men’s Third Grade games, whilst ADFA came out on top in the Men’s Fourth Grade.

In support of Solider On, an organisation that helps veterans both in and out of Defence. The Rams have sent their custom ANZAC guernsey’s to a handful of AFL clubs for autographs to be sold at auction later on in the season, as well as already having pledged $30 from each guernsey sold at their inaugural Guernsey Auction Night earlier in the year, with all proceeds being donated.

“We love and support the amazing work that Solider On do for our veterans, and we hope that by supporting them on this great day, they can continue to support the veterans in need of their help.”

To learn about or get involved with Soldier On head to: https://soldieron.org.au/

Written By: Robbie Stewart