AFL Canberra 1st Grade Grand Finals – Recap

AFL Canberra 1st Grade Grand Finals – Recap


1st Grade Mens


Eastlake Demons Vs. Queanbeyan Tigers, Gungahlin Enclosed Oval

Eastlake: 1.2/2.5/3.7/6.7

Queanbeyan: 1.2/5.5/9.11/14.14


Eastlake: A. Bruce 2, L. Tutty, L. Flaherty, D. Roberts, S. Darcy

Queanbeyan: H. Grant 3, A. Swan 3, J. Iudica 2, J. Bryce 2, K. Evans 2, D. Simpson, T. Conroy

Best Players:

Eastlake: A. Bruce, A. Smout, D. Roberts, S. Askew, B. Halse, S. Jensen

Queanbeyan: K. Evans, J. Iudica, J. Bryce, K. Klemke, T. Conroy


The Queanbeyan Tigers have defeated the Eastlake Demons to claim the title of premiers of the 2020 AFL Canberra 1st Grade Men’s Competition.

The first quarter was an arm wrestle with both teams striving to take control of the game. Eastlake was first to score after a long ball found it’s way to Captain, Aaron Bruce who took his first chance of the match. It was a hot footy early on with both teams trying to take control through the middle to set up their game styles but neither side was giving an inch in a tightly contested opening stanza with the score tied at 1.2.8 to 1.2.8 at the first break.

Eastlake came out hot putting away the first goal of the second quarter. From there the Tigers gained control and started to open up the game and finished the first half strongly leading, 2.5.17 to 5.5.35 at half time. In the third quarter, also known as the premiership quarter, the Tigers took full control of the game, dominating Eastlake across the park. The Tigers scored 4.6 during this quarter to Eastlake’s 1.2, giving the Tigers a comfortable lead going into the final quarter.

Going into the fourth quarter the Tigers lead by 40 points and didn’t let up locking in their first premiership in 5 seasons to win 14.14.98 to 6.7.43. H. Grant, K. Evans, J. Ludica and A. Swan were vital for the Tigers throughout the day although you could throw a hat over their most influential players, demonstrating the team first mentality that the Tigers showed throughout the 2020 season.

It was a tough day for the gallant Eastlake side with A. Bruce and A. Smout battling all day to give the boys in the red and black a fighting chance. They will take solace knowing that they can make it to the big dance and it will definitely spur them on during the 2021 season.

For Queanbeyan, this is another great day in their illustrious history After so many setbacks with injuries to key players the Tigers were able to stand strong and play their best footy when it mattered to lift the 2020 AFL Canberra 1st Grade Premiership Cup in front of their travelling support.



UNSW Canberra 1st Grade Womens


Queanbeyan Tigers Vs. Belconnen Magpies , Gungahlin Enclosed Oval

Queanbeyan: 0.0/4.0/5.0/5.1

Belconnen: 1.1/3.1/5.2/6.5


Queanbeyan: E. Squire, T. Evans, J. Stramandinoli, M. Czubara, T. Campbell

Belconnen: H. Wallett 2, M. Gorham, T. Reid, Z. Allen, E. Zouch

Best Players:

Queanbeyan:  E. Ashley-Cooper, C. Res, K. McGrath, E. Ross, A. Jakim

Belconnen: A. Morphett, M. Gorham, E. Pease, A. Allen, M. Pellow, H. Kemp


This game could be described as the underdog win of the year as the Belconnen Magpies defeat Queanbeyan Tigers in the Grand Final to claim the AFL Canberra UNSW Senior 1st Grade Women’s Premiership.

Coming into this match the Tigers were undefeated for the season and were hot favourites to win. But no one told the Magpies this, who played the game of their season to win by ten points, 6.5.41 to 5.1.31.

The Tigers were held scoreless in the first quarter as the Magpies took a 1.1.7 to 0.0.0 lead at the first break. The undefeated Tigers hit back hard in the second quarter kicking four goals to take the lead 4.0.24 to 3.1.19 at half time in an exhilarating, end-to-end contest. The game continued at its frenetic pace in the third with the Magpies refusing to give in, kicking two goals giving them a lead of two points at three quarter time, 5.0.30 to 5.2.32. With everything on the line in the fourth quarter the pressure at GEO was palpable. The fourth quarter is a quarter the Magpies will never forget, their ability to continue to raise the fight to the Tigers resulted in them kicking the key goal that gave them the breathing space to hold on to win 6.5.41 to 5.1.31.

Wallett is a player who has stood up all year for the Magpies and Saturday was no exception as she kicked two important goals for her team. A. Morphett was a player who no one saw coming who dominated the game and lead by example.

Stramandinoli was a key player from the Tigers as she kicked a goal along with C. Res and E. Ashley-Cooper who both played their role and never gave up until the last siren.

This game will go down in AFL Canberra folklore, the Magpies defied all of the predictions to lift their first 1st Grade Women’s flag since 1999 – a magnificent achievement and one that Amber Allen and the team will celebrate long into the off-season.