Community Grand Finals – Recap

Community Grand Finals – Recap


What a way to end the 2020 AFL Canberra Community Football Season. A season full of surprises and great games that will go down in history as one of the most challenging our game has seen.  

3rd Grade Men’s

ANU Griffins Vs. Woden Blues, Allinsure Park

ANU Griffins: 1.3/3.3/4.7/6.11

Yass Roos: 0.3/3.4/5.6/5.7


ANU Griffins:

Yass Roos: B. Watts 2, D. Bevan 2, S. Phillips

Best Players:

ANU Griffins:

Yass Roos: D. Pevinsky, J. McGovern, M. Fenech, P. McCartney, A. Oliver, D. Bevan

 ANU Griffins have defeated Woden Blues in the 3rd Grade Men’s Community Competition 6.11.47 to 5.7.37 to claim the title.

The Woden Blues started slow, kicking 0.3 while ANU Griffins were able to take the lead at the first break, 1.3.9 to 0.3.3. During the second quarter, Woden Blues kicked three goals to take the lead by one point at half time, 3.4.22 to 3.3.21. Woden continued to apply the pressure as they increased their lead 5.6.36 to 4.7.31 at three-quarter time. During the last quarter, ANU stayed calm and continued to follow their game plan, flipping the game into their favour. ANU kept Woden goalless in the last quarter, scoring 2.4 to win the game 6.11.47 to 5.7.37.

Jack Hadley was a key player from ANU Griffin, dominating the forward line and controlling the game to lead his team to victory.

Bevan was the best player from Woden Blues scoring two goals for his team, however, it wasn’t enough to get the win.


4th Grade Men’s

ANU Griffins Vs. Yass Roos, Allinsure Park

ANU Griffins: 4.2/4.9/5.13/6.17

Yass Roos: 1.3/4.3/6.5/7.6/


ANU Griffins:

Yass Roos: M. Lynch 3, S. O”Brien, L. Thompson, I. Lomax, V. Winnel

Best Players:

ANU Griffins:

Yass Roos: K. McKenzie, M. Lynch, T. Serafin, D. Johns, V. Winnel, J. Mecham Crane

In the 4th Grade Men’s competition the ANU Griffins defeated the Yass Roos in the Grand Final 6.17.53 to 7.6.48. The five-point win giving the ANU Griffins both the 3rd and 4th-grade competition titles.

ANU missed several shots on goal with a total of 17 behinds, this kept Yass in the fight all game. ANU got out to a strong start with four goals to lead 4.2.26 to 1.3.9 at the first break. During the second quarter, the Griffins were held goalless kicking seven behinds, which brought Yass back in the game as they kicked 3 goals. At half time ANU lead 4.9.33 to 4.3.27 but Yass continued to get better as the game went, chasing down the lead to only be down by two points going into the last quarter, 5.13.43 to 6.5.41. During the last quarter ANU had 5 shots on goal, resulting in one goal and four behinds, however, this was enough to lock in the win for the ANU Griffins.

Lynch is a player from Yass Roos to watch out for in the coming seasons. He continued to grow all year and displayed talent and skill in the grand final kicking three goals for Yass.


UNSW Canberra 2nd Grade Women’s

Molonglo Juggernauts Vs. Queanbeyan Tigers, Allinsure Park

Molonglo Juggernauts: 1.1/1.1/1.1/1.3

Queanbeyan Tigers: 0.2/0.2/0.2/1.2


Molonglo Juggernauts: S. Moylan

Queanbeyan Tigers: Z. Betts

Best Players:

Molonglo Juggernauts: H. Bartholomew , L. Lark, K. Lane, R. Duggan, S. Cameron, E. Darman

Queanbeyan Tigers: S. Close, O. Straker, C. Taylor , I. Kennedy, M. Hurley, H. Rauter

In a low scoring game the Molonglo Juggernauts defeated the Queanbeyan Tigers 1.3.9 to 1.2.8 in the 2020 UNSW Canberra 2nd Grade Womens Grand Final

Molonglo lead the whole game after S. Moylan scored their first and only goal in the first quarter. The scored remained the same for three quarters, 1.1.7 to 0.2.2 as each team battled hard and tried to take control of the game. During the last quarter, the Tigers were able to score their first goal to apply pressure on the scoreboard. However, Molonglo were able to score two behinds, which was enough to win the game by a point.

Bartholomew, L. Lark, K. Lane, R. Duggan, S. Cameron, and E. Darman all performed their roles and were a huge reason why Molonglo was able to lock in the win.

Close, O. Straker, C. Taylor , I. Kennedy, M. Hurley, and H. Rauter are players to watch for in the coming season. If their form continues they will be knocking on the door to play first grade.