Magpies trifecta at Mulrooney and Bainrot Medal

Belconnen Magpie’s Beau Walker and Maggie Gorham have claimed the Mulrooney and Bainrot Medal respectively at AFL Canberra’s annual Mulrooney Medal Presentation on Monday night.

Midfielder Beau Walker finished the year with 15 votes, edging out fellow Magpie James Bennett and Ainslie forward Hayden Armstrong by a single vote.

Midfielder Maggie Gorham’s dominant year was epitomised by her six best ons, the most in any ACT competition, finishing four votes clear on 20. Queanbeyan star Jess Stramandinoli finished second on 16 votes followed by Ainslie’s Danielle Peel on 12.

The Magpie’s stellar 2019 continued in Second Grade with Luke McGilvray crowned the McNamara Medal with 14 votes. A three-way tie for second was shared between Magpie Tom Baker, Ainslie’s Luke Morfoot and Eastlake’s Joseph Kerin all on eight votes.

Marist’s Hunter Howden and Tiger Joshua Fahey shared the CareSuper Rising Stars Wharton Medal with 17 votes, as Marist’s Daniel Andric finished third with 16.

The Kevin Neale award for the most goals in First Grade went to Ainslie’s Hayden Armstrong with 46 goals.

Tiger Jacqueline Parry’s 53 goals was enough to take out UNSW Canberra First Grade Women’s award.

Eastlake’s Joseph Kerin claimed the Second Grade Men’s honours with 43 goals and Ainslie’s Angus Tarpey led the CareSuper Rising Stars with 42.

Queanbeyan finished as club champions while Marist’s Chris Maher was awarded coach of the year.

A full  Summary  of the Senior Votes – from the Mulrooney & Bainrot Medal Night can be found here. 

First Grade Men’s – Final Leaderboard

First Name Family Name Team Name Total
Beau Walker Belconnen Magpies 15
James Bennett Belconnen Magpies 14
Hayden Armstrong Ainslie Tricolours 14
Jeffrey Dowdell Belconnen Magpies 13
Simon Horner Ainslie Tricolours 10
Aaron Wiles Ainslie Tricolours 10
Shae Darcy Eastlake Demons 10
Joshua Bryce Queanbeyan Tigers 8
Toby Conroy Queanbeyan Tigers 8
Joseph Hancock Eastlake Demons 8
William Spencer Ainslie Tricolours 8

UNSW Canberra First Grade Womens – Final Leaderboard

First Name Family Name Team Name Total
Maggie Gorham Belconnen Magpies 20
Jessica Stramandinoli Queanbeyan Tigers 16
Danielle Peel Ainslie Tricolours 12
Jess Allan Eastlake Demons 11
Jacqueline Spence Belconnen Magpies 11
Amber Allen Belconnen Magpies 11
Emily Pease Belconnen Magpies 11
Ella Ross Queanbeyan Tigers 10
Meg McLaughlin Eastlake Demons 10
Carly Res Queanbeyan Tigers 9
Brittany Tully Ainslie Tricolours 9
Jacqueline Parry Queanbeyan Tigers 9

Second Grade Mens – Final Leaderboard

First Name Family Name Team Name Total
Luke McGilvray Belconnen Magpies 14
Tom Baker Belconnen Magpies 8
Luke Morfoot Ainslie Tricolours 8
Joseph Kerin Eastlake Demons 8
Anthony Watt Eastlake Demons 7
Justin Galloway Queanbeyan Tigers 7
Timmy Floros Tuggeranong Hawks 6
Thomas Maddocks Ainslie Tricolours 6
Wilson Morshead Queanbeyan Tigers 6
Jayden Cutts Queanbeyan Tigers 6
Brandon Perkins Eastlake Demons 6
Elie Maatouk Queanbeyan Tigers 6
John Cunningham Eastlake Demons 6
Patrick Sharp Eastlake Demons 6


CareSuper Rising Stars Men’s -Final Leaderboard

First Name Family Name Team Name Total
Hunter Howden Marist College 17
Joshua Fahey Queanbeyan Tigers 17
Daniel Andric Marist College 16
Angus Tarpey Ainslie Tricolours 14
Tom Scrivener Tuggeranong Hawks 13
Thomas Spencer Ainslie Tricolours 13
Liam Shallies Tuggeranong Hawks 12
Ryan Kennedy Tuggeranong Hawks 11
Samuel Frost Queanbeyan Tigers 11
Rohan Hosking Eastlake Demons 11


See below for the full list of award winners from the night:

Grade Award Name Club
1st Grade Men’s Mulrooney Medal (Best and Fairest) Beau Walker Belconnen Magpies
Kevin Neale Leading Goal Kicker Hayden Armstrong Ainslie Tricolours
2nd Grade Men’s J.McNamara Medal (Best and Fairest) Luke McGilvray Belconnen Magpies
Leading Goal Kicker Joseph Kerin Eastlake Demons
CareSuper Rising Stars T.A. Wharton Medal (Best and Fairest) Hunter Howden Marist College
Joshua Fahey Queanbeyan Tigers
Leading Goal Kicker Angus Tarpey Ainslie Tricolours
UNSW Canberra First Grade Women’s Mary Ann Bainrot Medal (Best and Fairest) Maggie Gorham Belconnen Magpies
Leading Goal Kicker Jackie Parry Queanbeyan Tigers
AFL Canberra Best First Year Player (Women’s) Catherine Brown Eastlake Demons
Best First Year Player (Men’s) Lachlan Squire Queanbeyan Tigers
Player of the Year (Women’s) Maggie Gorham Belconnen Magpies
Player of the Year (Men’s) Beau Walker Belconnen Magpies
Club Championship (Senior) Queanbeyan Tigers
AFL NSW/ACT Volunteer of the Year Andy Ingold Murrumbateman Eagles
Coach of the Year Chris Maher Marist College
Umpires Bird Stirling Umpire of the Year Tim O’Shea
The Rebecca Goddard Award Scott Gurney
 Ray Chamberlain Emerging Umpire Josh Dunstall
Russell Taylor Scholorship Jacob Davill

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