PLAYER OF THE YEAR 2018: Current Leaderboard


Current Leaderboard 

26 votes: Kel Evans (Queanbeyan Tigers)

20 votes: Joshua Bryce (Queanbeyan Tigers)

20 votes: James Bennet (Belconnen Magpies)

18 votes: Tim Clowry (Queanbeyan Tigers)

13 votes: Shae Darcy (Eastlake Demons)

13 votes: Thomas Powell (Ainslie Tricolours)

12 votes: Matt Sheldon (Gungahlin Jets)

12 votes: Nick Paine (Ainslie Tricolours)

12 votes: Toby Conroy (Queanbeyan Tigers)


Current Leaderboard

29 votes: Hannah Dunn (Queanbeyan Tigers)

28 votes: Britt Tully (Gungahlin Jets)

22 votes: Zoe Skyrianos (Ainslie Tricolours)

20 votes: Najwa Allen (Eastlake Demons)

19 votes: Teena Campbell (Queanbeyan Tigers)

14 votes: Annie Brearley (Eastlake Demons)

14 votes: Rosie Bink (Gungahlin Jets)

13 votes: Katie Rose (Eastlake Demons)

12 votes: Rachel Friend (Ainslie Tricolours)