AFL Canberra Updates

Please see below the most current updates regarding AFL Canberra and COVID-19:


Thursday 26th March 2020

Staff Stand Down 

The last week has been a difficult one for the AFL Canberra team with the AFL, and by extension AFL NSW/ACT, announcing the temporary stand down of many of its staff from Monday, 30 March 2020 until Sunday, 31 May 2020. As detailed by our acting CEO Tiffany Robertson, these significant actions are needed at this time to ensure the viability of our game at all levels as we manage the impact of COVID-19 on our industry.

We wish to advise that during this period Luke Martin, Game Development Manager – ACT, will be the contact for AFL Canberra Clubs, Schools & Partners. The rest of our AFL Canberra staff are being stood down for the temporary period.

Luke will be working in a reduced capacity (3 days per week) during this time. We will have the support of a small team of AFL NSW/ACT state and national AFL staff in addition; and ask for your patience and understanding during this period as we navigate our reduced work arrangements.

Club Training Requirements

We would again like to reiterate that as a result of the May 31 Community Football postponement for all AFL managed leagues (which includes AFL Canberra), it is the AFL’s position that club training should not be taking place up until this time (unless advised otherwise by the AFL). Clubs should not be arranging for players to come together in small groups to complete AFL training as this is not in line with the AFL’s position and it also goes against the government’s social distancing requirements that are currently in place. In addition, all clubs should be sending the same message to their members to encourage them to follow government advice and play their role in limited the spread of COVID-19. We understand that clubs want to keep their players engaged and training in anticipation for when the season may re-commence, however given the current status of COVID-19, players should only be completing their own individual training in environments that are in line with the government mandated social distancing expectations.

Furthermore, we have recently received advice that clubs are at risk of not being covered for Public Liability Insurance in the case of the virus being spread at club training sessions, while the Personal Accident policy does not cover sickness or illness. We believe this would also apply to clubs arranging for players to come together in small groups for the purposes of social interactions.

We understand this is a really challenging time for all Australians and keeping connected during a time like this is so important, but again making formal arrangements for players to physically come together goes against the AFL’s position of no club events taking place, does not support the government’s expectations in regards to social distancing, and potentially puts your club and its members at risk.


Thursday 19th March 2020

SportsTG and Online Transfers

Online National Transfers have been closed on SportsTG until further notice.

Player registrations and re-registrations are still able to be complete, but club to club player movements cannot.


Wednesday 18th March 2020

Meetings and Events

We will be postponing a number of planned events/meetings. We consider it the appropriate decision to make at this time, until we know a little more regarding the steps forward. Included below is a summary of the most immediate events/meetings, and the status update for each of these. We will remove these from your calendars for the time being – and when suitable, send through updated dates/times, as well as teleconference details (as required), noting some of these may be held sooner – which we will advise in due course!

  • Wednesday 18th March: Junior Umpire Information Session – Postponed – New Date TBA
  • Monday 23th March: Community Pre Season Meeting – Postponed – will be rescheduled with a teleconference
  • Wednesday 25th March: Umpire Season Launch – Postponed – New Date TBA
  • Monday 30th March: Senior Pre Season Meeting – Postponed – will be rescheduled with a teleconference
  • Wednesday 1st April: Senior and Community Season Launch – Postponed – New Date TBA
  • Wednesday 8th April: Junior Pre Season Meeting – Postponed – will be rescheduled with a teleconference

Frequently Asked Questions

The AFL has created an online portal for Frequently Asked Questions regarding this situation, which can be access here: https://play.afl/covid-19/faqs. This portal will be regularly updated with information, so we encourage you to review this when possible, as it will continue to be added to as the situation evolves. Locally, we would like to ask that all clubs who have any initial questions (that cannot be answered via this link) to send these through, in one consolidated email/document from your club.

The questions that come through from clubs, will be consolidated with questions from across the other leagues and competitions for NSW/ACT as well as Nationally, as there will be a number of common questions and themes. Therefore we will not, at this time, respond with answers to these, but instead work with the Community Football Department to address these, consistent with the national direction, and then work toward local solutions, as required/relevant.

We appreciate there are a number unknowns, and plenty of different questions/scenarios specific to each club – so as per the above please consolidate these into a single communication from your club, via email, and we’ll work through them. We’d like to be able to streamline the communication process as best as possible at this time. We acknowledge that your members will have plenty of questions for, just as you do for us – so let’s work collectively to best achieve a smooth process at this time.

Trial Games and Training

All currently scheduled Trial Games are to be postponed/cancelled – as per the communication released yesterday, all Football relevant activities are to be postponed until May 31st, 2020. This includes trial games, match play, club training, school events and Auskick. Updated information will be shared regarding any allowances regarding when available. It is anticipated that club training may be able to commence from mid-May (as per https://play.afl/covid-19/faqs) however please be aware a formal notification will be provided to clubs when a definitive date has been determined for this.

AFL Canberra Staff

All AFL Staff have been advised: if we are not required to work from the office, we are strongly encourage you to work from home. If you are still able to deliver on your role whilst utilising the appropriate technology to stay connected with your team/stakeholders. This considered most of our AFL Canberra Team will not be in the office, regularly, for the foreseeable future, we will however be available via email and phone, as per normal business, unless on leave. Our intent is to minimise the effect this current situation has on our workflow and engagement with our stakeholders.

As you would be aware, we have been working through a number of staffing changes in recent weeks, by way of an update, we have placed a hold on all new hires until further notice, this includes: Regional Manager, Football Operations Manager and the Partnerships and Communications Coordinator. We will provide further information on these openings when we are in a position to do so.


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